McDonald’s Malaysia Revives Fan-Favourite Spicy Korean Burger Starting 27 June 2024 UPDATED 28 Jun 2024

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Iconic K-Icon Returns for Limited Time

Fans of McDonald’s Malaysia are in for a treat as the beloved Spicy Korean Burger makes its much-anticipated return starting from 27 June 2024. This iconic burger, known for its bold flavours and unique ingredients, promises to bring a tantalizing taste of Korea to Malaysia.

The Spicy Korean Burger is available in two irresistible options: a crispy chicken patty or a juicy grilled beef patty, both nestled in a signature black charcoal bun. Topped with a spicy Korean sauce that packs a punch, every bite is sure to make you exclaim “masisseoyo” – delicious in Korean!

But that’s not all! McDonald’s is also introducing two new delightful desserts to complement your spicy meal. Indulge in the NEW Strawberry Chocolate Pie, a perfect blend of sweet and tangy flavours, and the Oreo® McFlurry™, a creamy and crunchy treat that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Available for a limited time only, the Spicy Korean Burger and the new desserts can be enjoyed through various convenient options. Get yours today via Dine-In, McDelivery or Drive-Thru.

Don’t miss out on this delicious daebak (awesome) meal! Mark your calendars and be sure to experience the spicy, savoury goodness of the Spicy Korean Burger along with the new mouth-watering desserts at McDonald’s Malaysia.

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