McDonald’s Malaysia Brings Back Samurai Burger and Hershey’s Desserts from 4 April 2024

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McDonald’s Malaysia Welcomes Back Samurai Burger and Hershey’s Desserts

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McDonald’s Malaysia invites patrons to indulge in the iconic Samurai Burger, available with either a grilled chicken or beef patty, complemented by crisp lettuce and the distinctive Teriyaki sauce for a truly delectable experience. Enhance the meal with the savoury Seaweed McShaker™ Fries for an added delight.

Conclude your sumptuous feast with the beloved Oreo® McFlurry™ and the crowd-pleasing Banana Pie for a complete and delightful dining experience.

Indulge in Your Favourite Chocolatey Delights with Hershey’s

Chocolate enthusiasts rejoice as the much-loved Hershey’s Series makes its return, offering new ways to savour the rich chocolatey flavours. Prepare for the irresistible Hershey’s Chocolate cone, Chocolate ChocoTop™, and the Chocolate & Vanilla cone.

Don’t miss out on the Hershey’s Sundae, available with either strawberry or chocolate topping, for a sweet and satisfying treat.

Available for order through Dine-In, McDelivery, or Drive-Thru.

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