Rakuten 8x Super Points 1-Day Promotion 6 Jul 2015

Past Event

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Starts6 Jul 2015 (Mon) (ONE day only)
Location Rakuten

Get 8x Rakuten Super Points today at Rakuten Malaysia www.rakuten.com.my .

Promotion only applies to Merchants’ products sold at www.rakuten.com.my.

Valid for Rakuten members only.

Valid at all Rakuten shops.

7x Rakuten Super Point rebate is categorized as ‘Limited Time Points’ and inclusive of 1x Rakuten Super Points rebate is categorized as ‘Regular Points’

‘Limited Time Points’ are Rakuten Super Points awarded under special Super Point promotions and subjected to an expiry date when rewarded.

‘Regular Points’ are Rakuten Super Points awarded to most purchases (Subject to General Restrictions and excluding Purchases where Limited Time Points apply) and are timeless unless no transaction(s) has been made on Rakuten website for a duration of 1 year.

The Rakuten Super Point categorized as ‘Limited Time Points’ will expire on 1st Sept 2015 (23:59).

Other terms & conditions apply

Sales on till 6 Jul 2015. For more information, visit www.rakuten.com.my

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